Waste Management using IoT makes Collection efficient

Waste Management using IoT

Understanding IoT Waste Management

The world population is increasing continuously and it is very difficult to manage and tackle problems of each person in no time. IoT in waste management helps to solve waste management problem occur due to population.

Rural population is migrating to the cities so the population of the cities has drastically increased in the past few years and it’s not expected to curb on it in the near future.

Migration of the rural population due to the lack of employment & other basic needs in developing countries is one of the major causes to increase the population of urban areas.

The waste in big cities has drastically affected the lives of civilians and thus they are not even able to take a breath in the unpolluted atmosphere all the time.

Hence the dignity of the city is also affected and no country would not like to happen such things become main news of the world media anytime.

Here smart systems i.e IoT technology can play a vital role in managing various waste management system of the city with the help of sensors, internet of things devices, artificial intelligence and other smart devices.

Most of the big cities are fronting the common problem of waste management that is like an obstacle to keeps these cities clean.

Many cities have employed a large number of agencies with employees to manage the waste and these are appointed to attend the many dumpsters of the cities every day.

However, it’s not a perfect process to clean a whole city in a short period.

Employees don’t get information every time to clean the dumpsters of the cities and many time it overflows that causes the city dirty. They even don’t get data of uneven heap of wastage which may be due to the variation in the population of the particular place and thus doesn’t able to manage it efficiently.

To make a city clean all the time, it greatly needed to know the particular place needed to clean instantly and it is not possible with the conventional methods.


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Use of the Internet of Things (IoT) To Recycle Waste Commodities:

Internet of things has already proved its importance for various businesses but on the other side, it has played a vital role in the multiple schemes of the government by which it efficiently gets the data and manage according to the outcomes they provided in real-time.

Authorities have a vast collection of data through IoT devices and with the advancement of the sensor technology, most of the things are mutually connected to each other through the internet and thus they can also exchange information easily to each other.

Automated route optimization of garbage trucks in one of the most relevant tasks to be done by the IoT applications. Thus trucks embedded with these devices through smart garbage dumpsters are always connected and they follow specific routes every time to collect the garbage in the city.

And those departments who still have not implemented smart systems, the trucks don’t have any idea to collect the trash in that location. Thus trucks roam hither & Thither and thus it wastes time, fuel and money as well.

The smart bins are also optimizing the fleet of logistics and thus they’re able to reduce the fuel consumption greatly. These bins can also record the time up to when it fills up and they provide insightful data to smart city authorities. Thus it also assists the system to distribute the number of such required bins with flawless disposal practice and reduces the land to drop waste on it.

With the real-time information, smart devices provide information to the city manager of the recycled products and they can easily pick it from a specific location and send it to the factories that could recycle these waste commodities.


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Dumpster embedded with monitoring system can notify the particular authority when a dumpster is fully loaded.

Moreover, the smart system for the dumpster can also discriminate the wet and dry waste clearly and sends the same information to the related personnel to clean in real-time.

With the help IoT devices, an effective solution can be found out for waste management.


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