Looking to the future with AI machine learning and IoT

AI machine learning and IoT

Artificial intelligence is slowly becoming more mainstream. In the near future, we will be able to see it touching every part of our lives. Almost everyone will be aware of AI and use it for their work and at home.

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Below are a few areas where we will be seeing the use of AI machine learning and IoT technologies:

  • Machines interacting with humans – The Natural Language Processing ability of machines will improve greatly over the next few years. Machines will also be able to understand emotion and respond after taking it into consideration.
  • Currently, a chatbot’s capabilities are more limited than a human customer service representative’s. Chatbots can only understand a limited set of questions and respond in a pre-determined manner. But, with the advancement in AI machine learning and IoT technologies, chatbots will be able to understand the customer’s questions better and respond in a manner that is relevant to the customer. This will result in greater customer satisfaction while saving on cost over a period of time. The human customer service representatives will move on to more challenging roles.
  • Digital assistants like Alexa and Siri will also become progressively better due to these advances. Voice activation will be used commonly in most devices in the house and in conjunction with home automation.

  • Currently, online shopping portals like Amazon use AI and machine learning to understand more about the customer and present them with relevant items to buy. Similar technologies will also be applied to physical stores. Customer movements in the store and their facial expressions, in addition to their shopping data like items purchased and the frequency of visits, will be used to determine their preferences and satisfaction levels. Using this data, lighting and display can be modified to direct customers’ attention to products they like or are better alternatives to a product.
  • Amazon is testing a physical store called Amazon Go with automated checkout. The future would see people walking in the store, buying what they need and walking out without standing in checkout queues.
  • Robots, AI and machine learning will be used to assess products that are low in stock. It will be able to even reorder and restock the products on the store shelves.
  • We have heard about Amazon testing drones for product deliveries to customers. Similar robots are also tested by Dominos for food delivery while keeping the food at required temperatures. In the future, products would be delivered to our doorsteps using IoT and robotic technologies.
  • Self-driven cars are being tested right now and are slowly becoming a reality. The future will see driver-less taxis and commercial transport vehicles. This will eliminate fatigue related human errors and save on time.

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AI machine learning and IoT technologies have started to affect almost all areas of our life at work and at home. More and more tasks which are currently done by humans will be automated. So, people will move on to different kinds of jobs which require more human skills. The world as we know it is starting to change with the use of AI machine learning and IoT technologies.



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