What is Smart Parking? Benefits and Solution Providers in India

what is smart parking systems

What is Smart Parking

We know Traffic is big issue we are facing today. One of the key reasons for Traffic jam on road is an unauthorized parking. Such parking violations disturb other vehicles too and create Traffic jam (Traffic Congestion).

It is against the law virtually everywhere to park a vehicle in the middle of a road.
In busy place like Mall, Theater, shops, hotels, we usually face parking problem due to unorganized way parking did by someone. When people violet parking rule then traffic jam or traffic congestion only thing can happen.

The ability to connect, analyze and automate data gathered from devices, powered by and described as the Internet of Things, is what makes smart parking possible.



How does Intelligent Parking minimize Traffic Jam (congestion)?


Smart Parking in india



With Technology only we can mange parking place properly and minimize traffic congestion problem.
Smart Parking is one of the most adopted and fastest growing solutions for Smart City across the world.
Airports, universities, shopping centers and city garages are just a few entities that have begun to realize the significant benefits of automated parking technology.

Smart Parking involves the use of low cost sensors, real-time data and applications that allow users to monitor available and unavailable parking spots.

It refers to the use of sensing devices to determine occupancy at the space level or at the structure/specified level.

Sensing devices can refer to cameras, counting equipment like gates at the entrance of a lot, or sensors that are embedded into the pavement of individual parking spaces, to name a few.
The goal is to automate and decrease time spent manually searching for the optimal parking floor, spot and even lot.

Now Smart Parking one of the biggest application of Internet of Things.

Some Smart Parking solutions will encompass a complete suite of services such as online payments, parking time notifications and even car searching functionalities for very large lots.
A parking solution can greatly benefit both the user and the lot owner.


Top benefits of Smart Parking system

Here are some of the top benefits

  • Optimized parking
  • Reduced traffic
  • Reduced pollution
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • New Revenue Streams
  • Integrated Payments and POS
  • Increased Safety
  • Increased Service and Brand Image
  • Decreased Management Costs
  • Real-Time Data and Trend Insight


Smart Parking Solution Providers in India

Following are few companies from India that provide Smart Perking Solutions

1) Smart Park

  • Following are services offer by Smart Park
  • Design Consultancy for parking layouts,
  • Approval of the proposed parking layout from Local Municipal authority, (currently, in Mumbai only),
  • Manufacture/Procurement, installation and post installation maintenance services for parking systems,
  • Valet Parking services through associate companies.

For more details and other product & services visit Smart Park website


2) MindTeck

Following are services offered by MindTeck

  • Mindteck provides three different types of smart parking solutions – ZigBee Sensor-based, Ultrasonic senor-based and Wi-Fi camera-based catering to street side parking, indoor parking and multi-level parking.
  • Our recently unveiled Car Parking Occupancy Detection and Management solution uses field mounted Wi-Fi-based cameras, and is a robust, reliable and cost-effective end-to-end solution.
  • The solution comprises Wi-Fi-based outdoor HD cameras, Wi-Fi routers and Wi-Fi range extenders to provide the required Wi-Fi coverage and high-end server infrastructure.

For more details visit MindTeck website.


3) Get My Parking by Agile Parking Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Following are Services offered by Agile Parking Solutions

Smart Parking Platform :End to end parking digitisation – our technology provides realtime bird’s eye view of all parking information to urban commuters, parking management companies, and the city administration

For more details visit Get My Parking website.


The implementation of a smart parking solution would surely be a great investment for any city government or company.
As the global population continues to grow and urbanize, it is vital to implement a well-planned and convenience-driven parking solution that can be utilized globally.


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