What is Connected Parking?

connected Parking

Connected Parking:

There is a wide array of applications along with the technologies and services. You can join the vehicle to other vehicles through the vehicle to vehicle to contact infrastructure (V2V). Besides, these vehicles can also be connected with the communication devices and the various other communication devices.

A connected vehicle has the inclusion of various communication devices that can be made portably available in the vehicle making able in-car connectivity with various other devices already exist in the specific vehicle.

With the help of connected vehicle, you can establish a connection of the vehicle with external devices, services, applications and other components of the system. This application incorporates everything related to public safety, a global positioning system (GPS), self-driving-vehicles, remote diagnostics, efficiency, and roadside assistance.

With the integration of the 5G network, the transformation of the business, consumers, and industries will not be occurring but there will be many other sectors improvising with the same.

Due to the low-latency in the 5G technology, it’ll be producing the greatest speed of wireless internet than ever. It has become one of the perfect examples for the implementation in the urban or smart cities. Besides, smart agriculture will also be more efficient than earlier after the arrival of the fifth-generation internet network into its operation.

In the case of increasing traffic, management is one of the most common concerns and we should be aware of this. Intelligent traffic and self-driving cars will also be leveraged with the 5G super-high-speed internet network. Hence, the 5G network will be improving the municipalities by improving and managing the transport of the city throughout either by car or on foot.


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What is Future Mobility?

As mobility is changing the various systems of the world and a fast mobility will be greatly helping the passengers greatly. Management of the cities in the future will also be improvised efficiently and this is the demand of the citizens as well. The local government of the cities is also going to incorporate different and innovative points of transport.

As the internet of things has great efficiencies that deliver top-notch services to customers with a positive impact on the urban areas. Lacking the effective strategies, we can’t expect the cities to capitalize on these advantages.

Some of the reputed engineering and technology companies are focusing on fully connected and automated mobility. With the help of innovative solutions, parking can be made safer and more convenient. Mobility will be creating the parking efficient whether at home or on the street or in the outside garages. Huge companies are implementing the holistic approach presenting software, hardware, and services that will greatly assist the driver in various aspects during the parking.

Besides, mobility will also enhance the friendly environment and it will also be leveraging the cities with less search for the parking. So the people will be able to live the enhanced life with the improved environmental conditions for all.

Some companies have also developed the connected technology that has drastically reduced the time-consumption in the search for parking in a specific location. With the help of the connected technology drivers are assisted with the proper guidance of the parking for the available spaces in a particular area.

Park assist system has the capability of automatic maneuvering the vehicle on most set spots. Maneuvering emergency braking assistant utilizes the ultrasonic sensors with the clear-cut warning to the drivers for the expected collision threats and the brake will also be applied in the emergency case.


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With the internet of things (IoT) like technologies, sensors, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data analytics, the automotive industry has rapidly boosted and smart technologies are taking this industry to a new level. The global market for connected cars has also been increased and it is equipped with the various mobility technologies like sensors, GPS and IoT devices.

The growth of the connected market is expected by more than $150 billion by the year 2020. With the long tradition of innovation in the automobile industry, it has been focusing on increasing the safety, comfort, and convenience for the customers. Mobility is part of that innovative technology that has contributed a lot in the development of the automobile sector.


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