What is Big Data? Why is it important? & Applications of the Big Data

What is Big Data

Big data is one of the most explored terms in the past few years and it has also been said that the big data exist nowhere.

It should also know that there are more than 4 million users watch the YouTube videos every minute while about half of million users send various tweets on Twiter posting about 50,000 photos on Instagram every minute and number of users who update their status on Facebook is also huge about 3 lakh.

After the continuous formulation of the data through social media, telecom, and business utilization, it can be expected that the big data will increase drastically in the near future.

It should also be noted by readers that there is a perception of the big data through volume or size of data but it doesn’t lie in the scenario at all.

The big data can be referred to a large amount of data from the various sources having different formats. However, earlier there was an enormous data that was originated from the various databases but due to the different characteristics of the particular data, conventional relational database systems can’t store this data at all.

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Big data is of great benefits that can be implemented to get innumerable advantages.

There are three types of big data; Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured –

Structured: This data is contained in an organized manner with a particular schema. This data can be easily processed, saved and retrieved maintaining the fixed size all the time. The structured big data can be easily stored and recovered through an easy engine algorithm. For e.g. RDBMS

Semi-Structured: This data is contained in a partly organized manner as the name suggests and it does not have any fixed structured. The semi-structured data is also called the intermediary stage between the structured and unstructured data. However, it also can’t be defined under a specific repository state and it has the important information or tags that have the capability of isolating the particular components in the data. For e.g JSON, XML

Unstructured: As the name says, it is an unorganized data with an anonymous schema. For e.g. Audio Files, Video Files etc This data is deficient from the data that has not any special shape or size always. Thus it becomes a very time-consuming process that can process and analyze the unstructured data. Email is one of the most known examples in the unstructured data category.

Applications of Big Data:

In the present market scenario, companies do not wish to leave various data possibilities. These are deemed as the key points for the next level of change, potency, and competition as well. So it has also been seen in the past few years that the application of big data is continuously increasing in various sectors.

Besides, big data tools along with the technologies are helping companies drastically that can easily comprehend the huge of data rapidly. Hence, it also boosts efficiency in the production formulating a great prospect for the industries with the development of data-driven assets and services.

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Here, we’re giving some examples of big data applications that have revolutionized the industries –

Gaming purpose: For shows and movies, the bid data is used by the most popular platform like Netflix and Amazon. It is also employed for the movies recommendations by many service providers for efficient services to their users.  

Insurance sector: Big data is drastically used for getting information about the insurer regarding the price, accidents, and illness.

Automated cars: For these cars, more data is required to collect the information at a time. It needs about one-gigabyte data per second so big data plays a crucial role in providing such amount of large data. Thus it becomes able to provide successful execution all the time.

Education: In the contemporary scenario, various learning tools are implemented in education and thus it retarded the traditional lecture methods. Hence, it provides efficient learning to the students and teachers are also able to track the performance of the students during the learning.

Government: In politics, the use of big data is drastically useful in analyzing the pattern and thus it can also influence the election outcomes. There are some organizations like Cambridge Analytica Ltd. where big data plays a vital role during the electoral process.

Automobile: There are some eminent automobile companies like Rolls Royce are also using big data to enable many sensors into its engine as well as the propulsion method. And it becomes able to record every phase of the operation. Various changes in the real-time data are also listed so that they can know the best way of operation at a time. Scheduled maintenance can also be tackled easily through it.  

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