What is NFC technology? How does it works? | Near Field Communication

What is NFC technology and How does NFC works?

What is NFC?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is known as the contactless communication technology that depends upon the radio frequencies field. It uses a base frequency range 13.56 MHz and thus made to transfer the data between two devices with some taps. Thus Near Field Communication makes the data transfer facility easier than other methods.

NFC has been established as a commonplace with online payment systems such as Samsung pay, Google Pay and Android pay.

You’ll have heard the term NFC before when we talk about high-end or middle-range devices.

As the radio-frequency field is produced by an NFC forum device that can communicate with NFC forum tag, the power can be transferred have no need for batteries and other power supplies.

The near field communication is a great technology for the miniature internet of things devices working as the NFC forum tag and it has not required any ancillary power source for the communication purpose.

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The NFC communication is made for maintaining the power shift to an ideal level. During the active mode of charging, the field intensity can be boosted efficiently that provides a great power transfer range of 1KW to users. Besides, the NFC device is also capable of receiving the data from a near field communication forum tag perceiving the load modulation created by it.

It is very important to know thoroughly about the Near Field Communication for techno enthusiasts as it is designed to work from very few centimeter ranges. It is very difficult to trace the communication between two devices viz., from an NFC Forum Device and an NFC Forum Tag. Thus it is one of the most secured wireless technologies for the communication purpose that usually works within a few meters of distance.

Moreover, the tough gesture can manage the NFC user where the other user of the NFC communication should exist that makes it also impossible for the hackers to track conversation between two users any time.

Hence, it has also been assumed that the security level of the NFC devices is more than other wireless devices used for communication protocols mostly. After adding the new feature by the NFC Forum of Peer to Peer to communication shows the method of explaining the data to circumvent by which the hacker couldn’t become successful in detecting the data in the taped form.

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How does NFC technology work?

There are various wireless communication technologies available in the market like WiFi and Bluetooth that can communicate between two devices in no time. These methods of sending information are used with the help of radio waves.

NFC is a great way of communication through wireless data transfer but devices should follow certain specifications that can help them in establishing a communication instantly. NFC technology uses conventional Radio Frequency Identification methods that implement electromagnetic induction to transmit data. This is one of the major differences between NFC and Bluetooth or WiFi where NFC is used to induce the current to send the data.

Another specification of the NFC technology explains about the electromagnetic field created by an existing NFC element during a specific range of communication. However, this technology is not used to control the inductance to charge smartphones while on the other side QI charging principle follows the same technology.

The NFC standard follows the three distinct ways during the operation and most common method in the smartphone is the peer-to-peer mode by which the NFC- enabled devices become able to exchange the information between various devices at a time and this acts after when the switches are in active mode.

The third and final mode of operation in NFC is the card emulation method by which an NFC device works as a smart or contactless credit card and can also make payment with few taps into the common transportation system.

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There are various wireless technologies are available in the market that has replaced the cable-based communication method in the past few years. With the help of this technology, the data can be transferred within a specific range of 100 meters while these technologies need its own power supply due to a large range up to which it works.

NFC forum devices have the capabilities of enlarging the performance during the NFC Forum devices indicate the NFC forum tags. With the help of NFC forum definitions of exclusive data forms which are known by the internet domain namespace.

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