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The question rises as How cloud computing is involved with Internet of technology?

Internet of Things Cloud is the emerging technology along with the Internet of Things is the Cloud Computing, wherein we can differ both saying that the Internet of Things is when you put the advanced sensors on each and every device and then keep a track on it.

As you all know the machines i.e. the computer communicates with each of its device using the IP addresses.

Let’s take an example of electronic toll location which may track the overall collections, lending of the bills, number of vehicles entering the pathway and so on…

Internet of Things Cloud:

All this can only be done with the IoT technology which will monitor the on the whole itself and create a data of specified usage and actions done, also see to it that the energy too is used more efficiently.


As you can see a single system just taken example of electronic toll location similarly so many such activities being done will create a lot of data on usage. This is termed as the Big Data.

IoT generates big data which often needs to leverage cloud computing to scale cost effectively. So in order to store the Big Data the Cloud comes under action.

The word CLOUD is used as a metaphor for “the Internet,” so the phrase cloud computing means “a type of Internet-based computing“, where different services – such as servers, storage and applications – are delivered to an organization’s computers and devices through the Internet.

In the Internet of Devices these Clouds are in parallel and distributed format each of which consist of  different collection of interconnected and virtualized computers that are dynamically provisioned and presented as one or more unified computing resources based on service-level agreements established through negotiation between the service provider and consumers.

This approach holds the immense promise of reducing capital and infrastructure costs while improving efficiencies of service provision within the Smart City framework.


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SaaS delivers software over the Internet, that eliminates the need to install and run the application on private servers, simplifies maintenance and enables customers to use applications remotely through IoT from anywhere in the world.

With the help of Cloud Services we can use applications without installations. Also access the personal files and data from any computer with the help of internet access.

This technology allows much more efficient computation by centralizing storage, memory and processing.

Thus in short Cloud Computing refers to both the applications delivered as services over the Internet and the hardware and systems software in the data centers that provide those services.

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