How to make your home a Artificial intelligence Smart home ?

Artificial intelligence Smart Home with AI and IoT devices

You can unlock your phone with the help of face-recognition feature which is based on artificial intelligence so that is the reason due to which Smartphone has now become smarter.

The changes will be at a large level in the mobile phone technology in the future with the daily innovation in this sector.

So can we make our home smart like our phone? Will we be able to unlock our homes through mobile apps?

Internet of things and artificial intelligence are like a twin where both are much important to make our technology better. We also use various consumers’ electronic products where the internet of things has been used. With the application of the internet of things, we become capable of sensing, data transmission, connectivity, interaction, and interpretation of valuable data that can automate the numerous operations at home.

We are also assuming various home appliances to become smart like the washing machine, refrigerator, induction stove, gasser, electric bulbs, air conditioner, coolers, and almost all the things that we use for our daily purposes.

After enabling these appliances from artificial intelligence and the internet of things, you can’t only save human efforts but can also save energy. Besides, people will get a great time period of their duties as well as saving energy.

Smart appliances will also make you able from performing regular tasks on time after learning your daily schedule and work accordingly. For example, if a daily gym has been set up in the calendar of the user then he will be notified at the same the time.



Artificial intelligence Smart home

Here are the few applications of artificial intelligence and IoT by which we can make our home smart:

Smart refrigerators

After using the artificial intelligence on your refrigerator, we can make it able so that can be tracked by all the connected devices. The user can also monitor the energy usage and usage guide with troubleshooting and diagnostics at the same time.

If we use a profound learning algorithm, it can also be controlled remotely identifying the various food items. Besides, the whole information will also be automatically stored as an inventory list and thus the user can easily supervise on all the things anytime anywhere.   

The smart fridge will also help you in creating a shopping list because storage in the fridge can easily be checked through your Smartphone. Besides, all inside photos will also be uploaded in your mobile and a user can monitor the inside temperature and temperature of freezers as well.

The most important and spectacular things of the smart fridge are the communication of two devices that can start each other after it. For e.g., if you have selected a recipe with the assistance of your refrigerator, AI will automatically start working and will communicate to the oven to start.


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Smart washing machine

A smart washing machine is another great concept of making your home smart. Utilizing AI techniques in washing machines, you can regulate the washing power and detergent through your mobile. Hence, the same amount of detergent will be applied as needed that will be automatically adjusted according to the weight and variety of clothes.

It will also notify you when detergent is out of stock and when the work has been completed. After applying the artificial intelligence in your washing machine, you’ll be able to save your detergent up to 35% from that your one smart home appliance and it will also deduct your expenses up to that specific percentage level.

The user can also save energy drastically with the timely notification or alert or automatic cut-off of supply from the board. Thus with a smart washing machine, the control is on your own hands where you can instantly start or pause or off through your iPhone and Android devices.


Smart TVs

As we’re familiar with the concept of android and Wi-Fi enabled TVs but smart TV is a far better idea than these. And it can’t only play the mobile content there but can also understand all the commands provided by the mobile. Hence, it provides a great user experience (UX).

Smart TVs are also the future of us that facilitates us from the features like voice command that works on the context of communication using the Natural Language Processing (NLP). It helps them to solve the query with the correct understanding.

Although there are some lacking functions like email and word-processing, smart TV acts almost like the computer. We can easily do browsing there; play YouTube, social sites, and many others as well. It also supports flash that provides a great browsing experience to the users.


Smart speakers

A smart speaker is also one of the most popular devices these days which is enabled with a smart audio playback device that utilizes several types of connectivity for the supplementary functions.

Such speakers are based on machine languages and artificial intelligence. There are various smart speakers available in the market nowadays like Google home feature software (voice recognition), Amazon echo, NFC and Bluetooth which are based on the artificial intelligence and machine learning and can be controlled by the mobile phone.

Though smart speakers are voice recognition based so these follow the voice commands for any task. The user can also create a playlist, a listing of products, browsing and setting reminders like tasks through the smart speakers.

Besides, various security systems can also be enabled with artificial intelligence and machine learning that will help us in making our home smart. Let’s take a look!


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Smart camera

Security is also one of the most common concerns these days and camera is the most important component of it that plays a vital role in removing this common concern. With the help of the camera, we can monitor all time activity for a particular place. But with the increasing time, we tend to make the camera smart by which we can record, and live stream even in the critical areas of the home round the clock as well.

Smart cameras are made with the combination of the powerful onboard processors and imaging sensors that can improve the vision system of the camera efficiently. These are enabled with the motion detection feature as well that can provide an alert in any vision zone which is completely based on the presence of the human in your home.


Smart door locking

You can easily see your door locking status with the help of a smart door lock of your home if your door is smart. Artificial intelligence based smart doors give you an instant alert if you’ve not locked the door yet along with your family members and friends as well.

Smart door locks are gonna become every homeowner’s favorite in future for sure. These locks are equivalent to the security level as typical mechanical door locks but there are various alternatives to the mechanical keys also available. Smart locks use a numerical code for the authentication which is also called digital keypad locks and codes length is between 4 and 12 digits.

Some smart locks are based on the biometrics that makes the smart lock technology smarter and provides a unique identification process to the users and better security as well. Some offer compatibility with alarm systems to alert in case of burglary, and fire.

Besides, artificial intelligence and machine learning based some other tasks can also be done to make our home fully smart:


Baby monitoring

We have to give our complete time to our baby for their best care so that we can understand and supervise our baby thoroughly. We forcefully are bound to present nearby to our child and most of the time we’re not able to do our other necessary work or forget after some time.

In this case, the baby monitor helps drastically which is a two-piece device enabled with the transmitter as well. It can be installed in the baby’s room where the receiver can inform parents who are with them all the time. Thus though the sound and video, you can monitor your child all the time.

Nowadays, most of the baby monitors are Wi-Fi enabled or also support superfast network that can easily transmit data by allowing their parents to check the instant report of the kids. Thus you can keep your baby safe and sound with baby monitors.


Smart cleaner

Most of the times, you’re not able to clean all the dust of your home efficiently because you can’t supervise them as the smart cleaner could. Smart Cleaners are fast, light, and efficient which are android optimizers too.

There are various smart vacuum cleaners available in the market nowadays that can help in solving your interoperability problem of finding dust. Dust is one of the most common problems of allergy in the world and most of the allergy causes are due to the not enough cleanliness of the home that has been specified in a study.



As the world is moving fast and most of the people want to implement new technology in his/her daily life. However, smart appliances are not the new concept because there are much artificial intelligence and machine learning enabled devices available in the market already but not all.

Nevertheless, our world is moving towards artificial intelligence and most of the devices are going to enable with this great technology so why we can’t set up our home as a smart home!


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What you think about Artificial intelligence Smart home and role of artificial intelligence in future smart homes ? Let us know in comment section below.

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