Smart Home Automation Technology for your Home

Smart Home Automation working and benefits

Smart Home Automation

The smart home is one of the most popular and high demanding IoT applications in the world, let’s understand the Smart home automation technology with an example.

Imagine walking into your home and being greeted at the door with lights illuminating your path without you ever having to touch a light switch, with your favorite music streaming through the speakers in whichever room you enter (because your home recognized that it was you and not some other household member), all while having the peace of mind knowing that activation of security system is taken care by your home automation system.

Furthermore, such a system could allow the user to schedule events to occur at recurring intervals (e.g., turn on the sprinkler system on the lawn at 4:30 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday)

“A technique used for controlling Home features and appliances are called Smart Home Automation or Smart Home technology.”

Home Automation is one of the applications of the Internet of Things (IoT).



Smart home is automation of the:

  • Home
  • Household activity
  • Home appliances
  • Security

Homes of the 21st century will become more secure, more self-controlled and fully automated.



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Working of Home automation

smart home automation



1) Controller like Arduino board

     Processor like Raspberry Pi board

2) Relay – to connect 230V appliances like FAN, BULB,etc

3) A wireless module like Bluetooth/ WiFi module – for wireless connectivity between user and device

4)  Smartphone – using app/website on the phone we can control appliances/ lighting, etc in the home remotely.


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Software & OS

  • If you are using Arduino board then the board can be a program through ‘Arduino IDE’.
  • If you are using Raspberry Pi board use Rasberian OS or Windows 10 IoT core, Ubuntu snappy, etc. There are many OS available that are supported to Raspberry Pi board, maximum is free.

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Smart Home features


  • The lighting of the entire house
    • Lighting ON/OFF
    • Lighting Dimming
    • Party lighting
    • Mood lighting
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
  • Curtain control- Automatic curtain opening/closing adjustment depend on sunlight entering in Home
  • Home Appliances control
  • Automated Garden Sprinklers
  • Door control – automatic door opening without key when family member come in front of the door
  • Audio/Video Solution- TV, music system control
  • Home Weather Station, digital receptionist

Benefits of Home Automation


Home Automation (HA) provides

  • Improved convenience
  • comfort
  • energy efficiency

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See video for better understanding of home automation technology and working of smart home


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