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Cold Chain Monitoring and Tracking using IoT

Cold Chain Monitoring and Tracking

Cold chain logistics is one of the vital terms used in the delivery of products. It is established for maintaining the safe food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, flesh and other products that need cold storage. Cold Chain Monitoring and Tracking Introduction

Cold chain logistics is important that keeps items safe with the severe ascertained temperature according to the order of preserving the food for their quality delivery or export.

It can also be said that a lot part of the business is invested in the cold chain.



Companies which established the cold chain commerce have become vital in a huge market with billions of revenues in a few years and it has been continuously growing with a decent percentage.

Cold chain monitoring and Tracking using IoT

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It can also be said the cold chain logistics has become a backbone for the pharmaceutical business that needs a certain temperature to store medicines and vaccines.

In a study, it has been found that about 1/4th of pharmacy in the year 2018 was transported through mail orders. For the rest of the business, the cold chain logistics should also develop and estimate the demand for medication increases so that they can develop an efficient system for the same.

The internet of things can play a vital role in cold chain monitoring and Tracking for pharmaceutical companies to deliver medicines and vaccines.

IoT is an exemplary model with the assemblage of networked sensors and devices.


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Reasons to use IoT for Cold Chain Monitoring and Tracking:

Here are the reasons due to which the internet of things is deemed as adapted for the contemporary cold chain purposes:

1. Performance:

The conventional process of cold chain logistics is not as per the contemporary need and they are highly time-consuming and unsafe as well.

In a modern cold chain process, we have a logging device that is able to load the necessary information for the logistics which is accompanied with the whole supply chain.

The smart cold chain logistics transmits the information to the particular computers to view the related contents.

IoT enabled Supply Chain Management (SCM) should be crystal clear for owners so that they can manage in real-time with the help of Radio Frequency Identification tags as well as the Global Positioning System to provide the efficient data of the location.

The most important parameter is to control the temperature of the particular shipment remotely through the internet of things enabled devices and these are consistent in performance literally.


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2. Flexibility:

For most beginners, the combination of smart sensors makes a perfect device that can accurately monitor the temperature all the time.  For monitoring or managing the cold chain, we install IoT sensors and applications in vehicles during the shipment that helps in creating the intelligible tracking system throughout the supply chain.

The compatible device with various interactions protocols such as WiFi and Bluetooth make these IoT enabled devices great for the vast network and they thus fulfill all the requirements related to the system instantly.


Air conditioning for Cold chain monitoring and Tracking using IoT

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3. Accuracy:

Most of the errors occurred in the cold chain logistics are due to human mistakes. Humans are not able to mail or ship until evening and can only set the temperature for the morning.

But temperature-sensitive containers need proper monitoring through sensors that inform users about the required temperature all the time and even automatically set it up.

Besides, it can also provide information about the unnecessarily stored pharmaceutical products in the cold room and also about the undesirable cold in the room which can damage logistics.

Overpacking has also been an issue for the companies when the lid of the package doesn’t close completely and due to high external temperature, it can also be exposed anytime.


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4. Safety:

Safety is one of the major concerns for their logistics. Food and drugs required a certain temperature all the time that they can ascertain the safety of the products.

But with the conventional processes, it is difficult to manage it and due to unsafe measures by the company, many companies are also fined due to delivery of maligned products.

IoT solutions are the best to build smart cold system and they can monitor and manage the cold environment by itself all the time.

Thus they also keep safe the companies to deliver the required product to all.


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Internet of things has become a need for logistics companies and due to the efficient performance, they have adopted worldwide, especially in the developed countries. Developing nations have also started the implementation of IoT devices in logistics monitoring and managing.

The application will be huge in the near future that will secure all the sensitive products of the companies by providing all the data through the sensors to them and managing by its own as well.


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