What is Precision Agriculture?-Impact of Precision Agriculture in India

Precision Agriculture in India and Internet of Things

Precision agriculture


Precision agriculture is also known as precision farming by which every need for agriculture can be made more accurate than traditional farming, here we discuss precision agriculture technology and impact of Precision agriculture in India.

For raising crops and lifting livestock, precision farming is the most important element and the vital form of farm handling is the information technology that comes with sensors, autonomous vehicles automated hardware, software, GPS guidance, drones, robotics, etc. 

Technology has become a vital component for everyone and its implementation on agriculture is not too far for the advancement in the agriculture sector in the upcoming days.

For more production, modern-day agriculture has become mandatory for farmers for the growth of crops and himself.

Precision farming has various application procedures that have the capability of optimizing crop production drastically.

Besides, it’s also useful for the crop protection that can give best results all the time and its tools can greatly measure the needs.


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How is technology impacting the precision agriculture in India?

Precision farming is the latest technology for crops where the farmers are able to maximize the environmental and commercial crop production as per the type of soil and performance of the crops at the same time. 

Precision Agriculture drones
Monitoring cotton crop – Precision Agriculture drones


Tools and Equipment implemented for Precision Agriculture: 

There are various technologies used for precision agriculture which are responsible for the cumulative development of agriculture.

Here, we are giving the main tools and equipment precision farming:

  1. Remote Sensors:

Remote sensors are one of the most important tools used in precision agriculture which are most commonly used as aerial or satellite sensors.

These help in sensing the type of soil changes every time and with the crop development and field boundaries. Besides, these also play a vital role to know the need of water at an appropriate time.

Vegetative indices which maintain the health of the plant can also be obtained by aerial and satellite imaginary system. 

  1. Yield Maps: 

Yield mapping is the combination of the recording of grain flow through a combine harvester. Besides, it plays a vital role in recording the exact location of the object in a particular area as well. 

  1. Proximate Sensors:

Soil parameters (like Nitrogen status and pH of soil) are an important component in precision agriculture and it can be easily detected through proximity sensors. 

  1. Computer Hardware and Software:

These are implemented to analyze the different data collected by another tool used in precision agriculture technology. Thus after analyzing the data, it converts data as usable like maps, reports, charts, graphs, etc. 

  1. Global Positioning System (GPS): 

GPS is another important component used in precision technology and it said to be a collection of 24 satellites in the earth orbit. With the help of GPS, radio signals can be sent out and through earth receiver which is capable of detecting the location on the earth greatly.

It also gives the exact status of the crop of the farmers at the same time and also informs about the needs of the particular crop like water, pesticides, fertilizers, and others. 

  1. Precision Irrigation Methods:

Precision Agriculture Technology Smart Irrigation
Precise Irrigation based on moisture in the soil

GPS based controllers can help irrigation machines in controlling its fast movement. Sensor technologies and wireless transmission are also parts of precision irrigation methods that monitor soils and find conducive conditions.  

  1. Geographic Information System (GIS)

With the help of this software, you can let know about the geographically disseminated data spatially. 



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Precision Agriculture and Internet of Things:

In the previous article, we discussed what is Precision Agriculture? and its technology, today we go through Precision agriculture and the Internet of Things and discuss its Impact on Smart farming.

Internet of Things (IoT) is not only limited to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) now, it can be explored in various other sectors and with the exceptional results at the same time as well.

Internet of Things (IoT) has impacted our lifestyle drastically and IoT devices also play a vital role in improving our health and fitness.

IoT is also implemented for other purposes like for industrial, logistics, smart cities, smart homes, automotive, etc. But farming and agriculture are the other sectors where they have changed repercussion with technological advancement.

With the help of automation, connected devices and automation, today’s farming has been completely changed and it provides great ROI to the farmers.

Smart agricultural technology makes able farmers manage animal husbandry efficiently with growing crops at the same time. It also reduces cutting cost and saves water bringing it from rare resources.

Hence, the adoption of the Internet of Things in agriculture has been increased in the past few years and thus smart agriculture market is also expanding rapidly.

Cattle farming and Internet of Things
Cattle farming and Internet of Things

Image credit: Kapa65/Pixabay


Impact of IoT in Precision Agriculture:

According to the recent data of the United Nations, the world population will be increased to 11 billion by 2100 from a recent world population of 7.5 billion.

Foods will the biggest need for this population and smart farming would play a vital role here. Changing climate with the confined amount of water would be another challenge to tackle problems of the farmers at the same time.

We should insist on making future farming smarter that can reduce environmental pollution greatly becoming efficient farming.

Precision farming the latest concept came with the particular conditions implementing various sensors and information processing there as well.

efficient farming using IoT
efficient farming using IoT

Image credit: Sasint/Pixabay

Keep Updated in Contemporary Time:

In the contemporary world, becoming smart with smart equipment is vital for all. Agriculture has relied on conventional methods but with the advancement of technology, it’s also tending towards the same which is the need for developing countries.

It’s very important to control the internal processes in the agriculture that drastically decrease the production risks that also help farmers from monsoon perils. You can also make sure about the unsold products after the harvest.

Here, we’re discussing the impact of the smart device on the precision agriculture:

  1. Control Prices:

IoT Devices help farmers in control over the production and wastes level as well at the same time. These devices are capable of maintaining the health of livestock that also saves farmers from crop failure.

  1. Real-time monitoring:

Real-time monitoring is one of the most important tasks for collecting data that can be managed through connected devices thoroughly.  By the monitoring of the crops by the farmers, they can control various measures like changing scenarios in the farming that supports suitable precision farming. Besides, measurements produce an efficient result in the collection of the latest data for sensors.

  1. Reduces Labor Cost:

With the IoT devices, precision farming is not a need for people that could manage the data with agility. Here, people can be employed at any other place beyond the range of IoT. Hence, the farmer can drastically reduce the cost of labour.

  1. Electricity Cost:

Smart devices help in curbing the electricity prices and more reliable irrigation is possible with less electricity usage.

  1. Less Water Usage:

Water is one of the most important components for farming and it is also the base of human life on the other side. And we have to save water and the goal of water-saving can be accomplished with the usage of IoT devices in precision farming. Hence irrigation can be greatly and accurately managed with the efficient water consumption

  1. Less Anxiety:

Farmers mostly rely on farming, especially in developing countries and they invest their whole time on managing the crops. But the usage of smart devices can reduce the stress of farmers drastically and green trees make you happy all the time.


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Precision farming has also gained productivity in the global food stocks due to the advanced irrigation systems where more than ⅔ rd population relies on conventional irrigation schemes. 

Due to the fast socio-economic variations in a few developing nations including India, there are many possibilities have also been developed for precision agriculture.

Applications of Precision agriculture in India can drastically reduce the cost of production with the great stability of the land resources with sustainability as well as profitability at the same time.

Precision agriculture and IoT are twins that are playing a vital role in advancing the system of farming drastically.

With the assemblage of sensors, IoT farmers get the complete guide about farming as well as weather conditions in the area to find a perfect timing for seeding and irrigation as well.

So instead of implementing the conventional farming method, farmers should go for precision farming in that scenario, where most of the developed nations have already adopted this technology and they’re getting a huge return on an investment after every crop.

If you still have not read our article in precision farming, check it now to know every aspect of precision farming.


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