Connected and Autonomous Car and the Internet of Things

Connected cars

Connected and autonomous Car technologies are the most searched technologies in the automotive categories. This is the vehicle technology going to be used most in the future and will be implemented the most in the upcoming developed projects.

This topic includes connected & autonomous cars, an overview of the particular technologies, benefits, difficulties and some definitions.

Here we’re going to mention these particulars of such a great emerging sector:

Connected cars are furnished about internet access and mostly it requires wireless LAN. These cars allow users to share the data with the internet with other devices. These share the data inside and outside the vehicle where the car is well furnished with some specific technologies.

These technologies provide additional benefits to the users and drivers as well. Dedicated Short Range Communications abbreviated as DSRC radios have also been connected with these cars that will be operating in the FCC-granted 5.9 GHz band which is deemed as the cheap power.

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Self-driving cars are one of the most deployed car ranges that will change the automobile industry forever. These cars are also known as robot cars or autonomous cars or driverless cars which are capable of sensing its surroundings with the movement of almost no human output.

Self-driving cars will prove as a concrete reality paving the way of taking over the computer in the art of driving.



Role of IoT in Autonomous Car Industry:

Driverless or robot cars will include the autonomous car design of Google which have also been tested successfully in the American roads and commercial availability will be possible soon as expected by the makers. Various types of technologies have been implemented in the assembling of autonomous cars and Global Positioning System is a major part that helps in the navigation.
It also uses sensors that avoid collisions of the cars and some other technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) have also been implemented that helps in displaying information and communicating devices drastically. Thus additional technologies help these cars in the execution of various problems in innovative ways.
Research on autonomous vehicles is continued not only in the U.S. but also in multiple parts of Europe at the same time. These autonomous cars may also create problems during car production where it will be difficult to manage the traffic due to non-human-controlled cars. The research on the same is underway and engineers will tackle it efficiently before launching it commercially.

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Difference between Connected & Autonomous Cars and its terminology:

Connected and autonomous cars are two different terminologies while some people become
disconcerted between these terms. Here we’re going to tell about the various terms used for the connected and autonomous cars:

  • In the autonomous cars, the automated driving term being used that makes one able to take decision independently. During the connected driving process, information is exchanged with the help of the internet of things whether it is automated or non-automated vehicle.
  • Usually, autonomous cars are not responsible for the improvisation of the traffic and if someone forces, a circumstance of the collapse may occur. While in the case of connected driving, it improves the abilities of cooperative driving drastically where the traffic associates can share their internet accurately and easily.
  • Automated driving improves the traffic a lot and the vital reason is the cooperative behavior can be reinforced for robots and it will be comfortable for the people. It should also not that robot follows the instructions precisely compared to the human. And the connected driving doesn’t need cooperative driving at the same time. Here, single traffic associates don’t utilize the supplementary information for any specific advantage.
  • Most of the times, automated driving depends on accurate information and these rely on the information that can’t be acquired with physical sensors at all. This information can be obtained through the connectivity medium and if the autonomy term has been implemented during the manufacturing process, it will be operated without connectivity as well. While on the other side, the connected driving enables the users to identify and resolve improper behavior understanding various driving strategies immediately.



Connected and Autonomous cars are two most implemented terms in the contemporary scenario. There have been various researches conducted on both and endeavors are still continued by some companies and they are constantly improving the operation of these cars.

Some automobile companies aim to induct these cars in the automobile industry very soon so that they can be presented in the market at the same time when IoT devices are boasting and companies are adopting this technology promptly.

Above we have differentiated about the autonomous cars and connected cars with the roles of IoT in connected cars and more beneficial from both these, kindly read the above article.



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