What is Augmented Reality (AR)? How does it Work?

what is Augmented Reality and its working

What is Augmented Reality?:

The word ‘augment’ is meant by increasing or extending while Augmented Reality (AR) is known as the enhanced version of the entity that gives us more pleasure providing great views of physical real-world.

In the Augmented Reality (AR), images are computer generated that enhances the current perception of reality.
Augmented Reality can be understood with the Virtual Reality (VR) by which we can enhance the real view of nature or our surroundings using the virtual elements.

AR works in various ways and is used for multiple reasons and in most of the cases; AR objects are superimposed to track the real view.
The devices which are AR-enabled can occupy the same place that has the display, sensor, processor with the input device.

The Augmented Reality (AR) devices add various digital elements for taking a live view by the camera or smartphone or other digital devices.

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Pokemon Go Game, Google Pixel’s Star Wars Stickers, U.S. Army, Snapchat lenses etc. are examples of Augmented Reality.

Somehow, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are common because both have the capability of changing our perception of view of the world.

However, Augmented and Virtual Reality may differ in our presence. In Augmented-Reality, graphics, sounds, etc., are combined with our natural world that creates an intensified user experience.

Thus we can say that AR deploys virtual images over the real-world images. The overlay is performed together with input obtained from the camera or input devices such as smart glasses.

The popularity of AR and enabled devices are rapidly increasing where according to a specific report, it has been expected that more than 1 billion users will be using it by the year 2020-21.



How does AR works?

The enhancement of the Augmented-Reality is continuously increasing similar to its concept of enhancing views. It has also been expected that many businesses are exploring various innovative ways of implementing the AR devices in the upcoming years.

Nowadays, many apps have been successfully implemented the AR technology for modern day users. It is also very important for the users to know the fundamentals and working of AR that can leverage us from modern day technology.


Working of Augmented Reality (AR):

AR can be displayed on mobile phones, head-mounted displays, mobile phones, screen, glasses etc.

It also uses technologies like S.L.A.M. (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping), Recognition Based and location Based but it can be used using one of them.

The components are also as given below by which AR devices complete:

Camera with Sensors:

It provides 3D images after detecting the objects. Common smartphone cameras may be a great example of it.


Miniature Projector or AR Headsets are the great examples of these where data is collected from the sensors. The complete use of projection is still not invented for the commercial purpose.


AR devices need Flash Memory, RAM, Bluetooth / WiFi, a GPS, A GPU, a CPU etc. for processing like computers. With the help of these devices, various required measurement like angle, direct, speed etc. can be done.


MIrror is also given in some devices that can be used for getting the virtual images. Proper image alignment is the main motive of mirror given on the device whether it is double-sided mirror or simply a mirror.


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Types of Augmented Reality (AR):

Do you want to know about various types of Augmented Reality?
Our below post will help you in understanding it!!!

There are four types of Augmented Reality technology mostly used nowadays by the users:
1) Marker Based AR
2) Markerless AR
3) Projection-Based AR
4) Superimposition Based AR


1) Marker Based Augmented Reality:

Image Recognition Augmented Reality is another name of Marker Based Augmented Reality that works that used the camera in AR device for enhancing the photos.

QR and 2D are the best examples of visual makers that use the camera.

2) Markerless AR :

Markerless AR is embraced by many people. After launching the Pokémon Go and Apple’s ARKit, this concept came to know by the public that shows that big companies are using this concept.

Markerless Augmented Reality is used to indicate the application based on AR because it doesn’t require any information about the user’s environment for playing the 3D content on its device.

3) Projection-Based AR:

Projection-Based AR is one of the most loving technologies in this category. The reason behind becoming preferred among users is its simple use.

It can be easily installed in your phone and can be used later. Projection of objects can be used in creating false position of any object understanding the depth of that.

4) Superimposition Based AR:

Superimposition Based AR is based on the object recognition replacing the virtual object with an augmented view.

Object recognition is an incredible part because it plays a vital role in producing an augmented view.

If an application fails to know that augmented view of the particular object, Object Recognition makes it out for that one.

Superimposition Based AR based devices are used in the modern army equipment that provides an infrared view and makes army personnel know that object in dark.

A doctor also uses this technology to know the broken bone on various parts of the body.


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