Top 10 Real world uses Applications of Augmented Reality

Applications of Augmented Reality and uses

Real world Applications of Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality (AR) is a combination of real and computer-based scenes and images to enhance the picture of the world through the scenic medium.

Interactive and reality-based layout conditions are capable of generating the computer display with the text and sound just to make better the real-world practice.



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However, the primary objective of the augmented reality is to implement the great audiovisual experience, it also has many other applications along with the implementation patterns.

Augmented reality operates through computer simulation techniques and image recognition, speech recognition, animation, and display environments are also necessary for the accumulation of the actual images as well as surroundings.

Due to the variety of applications of augmented reality, it has become the need for most of the businesses these days.

During the improvisation of the efficiency of the sales team, it can greatly help you out. Besides, if you want to combine the augmented reality features with a specific app, you can combine with the AR SDK.

If someone wants to create the print campaign through augmented reality, the clear call-to-action option on the print can be implemented.

You should also use the existing augmented reality viewer prior to going to invest money and time for the particular app.

A wide selection of the augmented reality has the capability of assisting you in creating a unique gaming practice.

Moreover, sales can also be improvised with digital retail as well as exceptional designs.

The aim of the AR is also to provide help in visualizing objects outdoors that are able to induce the customers greatly.

Applications of Augmented reality use cases

Here we’re going to tell you the top 10 real world applications of augmented reality:

1. Augmented reality uses in Business (Cosmetic):

There are various cosmetic companies giants in the world that have implemented the augmented reality technology in its operation.

They are using the AR technology just to give various expressions, eyes, lips and cheeks products for the customers through their digital faces.

Hence, the boosting of the sales can drastically be increased within a short span of time giving your customers new looks in attractive ways.

A business giant, Rolex also uses the augmented reality for attracting the customers to purchase their products.

Moreover, the company has also developed the practical try-on experience by which customers can get the perfect style of their matching amongst multiple models of the companies.


2. For Healthcare:

Healthcare is one of the most broadened industry in the world and smart systems application in the industry has now become a compulsion. With the help of augmented reality in the healthcare sectors, medical students can be trained efficiently in the AR environment to telemedicine options.

Besides, it also helps in interacting with the patients in a unique and exciting way.

Augmented reality applications are also liable to give real-time information to a specific person or area that can give proper surgery and diagnosis of various diseases. With the assistance of the AR diagnostic tools, can figure the disease situations.


3. Augmented reality in Entertainment:

However, most of the people know the augmented reality for entertaining purposes, there are various AR-based have been created for the entertainment purpose of the people. or examples; Bic DrawyBook app or teeth brushing games! Now the augmented related apps are being developed at a great level and thus it has also enhanced multiple industries of the world.

With the evolution of further ideas, we can also speculate that augmented reality applications will be developed greatly improving the various aspects of our lives.


4. For Retail:

Augmented Reality uses in Retail is one of the vast sectors where smartphones have drastically been using by the customers for taking the look of products with additional information.

Shoppers want every information of the product through online mode because everything is available with a few fingertips.

Harley Davidson is one of the most famous brands that implement the augmented reality for presenting the products uniquely in front of their customers.

Hence, buyers can view the motorcycle and can buy as per their preferences. Thus they can also customize the app according to the colors and features of the product.


5. For Tourism:

Tourism is one of the most growing industries in the world these days so the advancement in tourism has become necessary to flourish it.

There are various tourism websites like TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet that are using augmented reality for the sake of the convenience of the travelers.

Hence it can also be said that augmented reality provides great opportunities to travel brands to give a new experience to travelers and AR makes vacations, travel & selling trips phenomenal.



6. For Public Safety:

For government organizations, augmented reality can be proven a boon.

However, it has not been known to all for all organization due to the huge implementation in various sectors and its attributes as well.

If you ‘re in trouble and seeking help when you’re alone, augmented reality can help your loved ones to check the position and location of any individual.

During the case of the fire or earthquakes when the organization wants to locate the people who need help, augmented reality can solve this riddle efficiently and effectively in real-time.


7. For Classroom Education:

In the contemporary era, no one wants to live with the conventional process when technology is touching various milestones making our life interesting and impressive.

There are many tablets already available in various schools and classrooms. Teachers and educators want new teaching styles for children and they want to augment reality for providing an exceptional learning experience.

For example; the Aurasma app provides a great teaching and learning experience by which students can connect of his/her class through smartphone or tablet For example; if someone is learning about the astronomy one can see the full map of the solar system and one who is in the music class can take a look of the musical notes in real-time.


8. Augmented reality uses in Business Logistics:

Maintaining the logistics have not an easier task at all and we need devices & tools which can provide us the efficiency and cost-saving experience through various areas of the business logistics.

We need robust and great methods for transportation, route-optimization and warehousing purposes.

There are many companies that have implemented the AR glasses in various warehousing purposes. In the warehousing, the augmented reality improves the way of finding the shortest routes to the workers so they can locate and get a certain item for the shipping. Hence, the businesses can also get great ROI and working hours of laborers can be employed in other tasks.


9. Augmented reality uses in Field Service:

Technicians are being called everywhere for the reparation of the various electrical devices and everyone wants to be work done at the earliest.

Often, agents astray from their paths and they lost their precious time and customers also get wasted his time. With the use of augmented reality glasses or headsets, technicians can arrive on-site and thus they can quickly diagnose the customer’s problem and fix.


10. Applications of Augmented reality For Repair & Maintenance:

Reparation of the devices with proper maintenance is the major use case in the industry.

Hence, the car motor reparation or MRI machine reparation is not an easier task but yes a difficult one! The maintenance staff of the MRI machine and car motor uses the AR headsets with glasses that they can perform the tasks perfectly troubleshooting the problems in real-time.




Smartphones and tablets are one of the most vital tools for the augmented reality functioning in contact lenses along with other wearable devices.

The basic motto of the AR is to make a suitable and simple immersion which is the reason to be speculated for the replacement of the smartphones and tablets with other unknown devices in the future.

Companies are aiming to manufacture the smart glasses considering the blind people.

There are a lot of legislative and moral issues have also reported after creating Google Glass regarding its privacy concern.

Here some experts say that it’s recording your personal matter secretly with the images that you need not exploring.


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Let us know what you think of real world applications of Augmented reality in the comment section below.

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