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What is Computer vision?

As we all know that our eyes and brains are being used for the interpretation of the visual surroundings and it’s quite natural.

However, it is also important to know that the computer can’t perform such tasks by its own surreptitiously or automatically.

Computers will have a need for algorithms as well as the data by which it will be able to learn the same and performing such jobs efficiently.

However, it will need a great time and effort too but after the completion of it, you can perform any similar task as better as a human can do on the earth.

Computer vision will make the process faster and smoother through the replacement of visual activities.

The human can be biased while analyzing the picture or viewing but the computer can see various things at a time maintaining high retail. And with the accuracy of the computer analysis about the same can save a lot of time of us with the tremendous savings with the quality improvements.

However, for performing the simple processes by the human, the computer vision is being implemented so far but some industries who understand its value have also started using pushing the limits.

Computer Vision is known as the process of implementation of the machines to comprehend and interpret photos and videos.

This is an algorithm was created in the 1970s and the evolution of machine learning, cheap high-quality devices as well the advanced data storage have been the major cause of the improvement of content using any specific software.

Computer Vision is the parent name for any estimation with the inclusion of the visual content, where videos, images and icons like content can be incorporated.

However, the parent notion includes some particular tasks having the name core building blocks. Within the classification of the object, you would also practice a model that has a dataset of distinct objects.

Hence, the model is also divided into some objects that belong to various training classes.

Moreover, the standard application of computer vision is called the in-hand recognition for digitizing handwritten content.

If we talk in the scientific scenario, computer vision can be interpreted as the theory and technology for making the artificial systems that can retrieve information from various images or dimensional data.

Artificial intelligence (AI) deals with the outlining or consideration for the system by which we can deliver various mechanical operations. For example; the movement of the robot!

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What is the working process of Computer Vision?

Do you know the working method of the brain? This is one of the major questions in neuroscience as well as in machine learning.

Is is any process for the approximation with the implementation of the specific algorithm?

There are some particular working and general theories for the computation of the brain. However, some scientists believe mimic the way the brain operates but nobody is not thoroughly sure about the exact operation.

Similarly, the concept of computer vision also holds the same as the working process of the brain. Because we have not determined the processing of the images through the brain and eyes so computer vision can be deemed similarly.

The process of acknowledging the algorithm used during production can be assumed ideally. There are some studies show some purposes that we usually assume happen in the frog’s brain but really it takes place in the eyes.

Most of the times, we give the example of amphibians but we forget to mention the human where a related dilemma exists.

What are the applications of Computer Vision?

Since the incorporation of the concept of computer vision in the 1970s, it has proved its significance across various sectors.

In the year 2012, the first significant breakthroughs in computer vision were performed at the University of Toronto.

The computer vision has exponentially been evolving every day, where convolutional neural networks have now become the best alternatives for many data scientists.

It should also know that it requires not much pre-programming comparatively so CNNs (Convolutional Neural Networks) have been strongly employed to identify faces and objects.

Computer vision was barely known in the new a few years ago in 2017 computer vision has greatly understood them. According to the specific study, the news coverage about the topic has been grown up to 500% since 2015.

Moreover, due to the versatile nature of computer vision technology, it has been adopted across various industries in various ways.

There are many use cases is not visible which some are apparently noticeable to all.

Here. we’re going to tell you the best applications of computer vision in the industry:

1. Healthcare:

Healthcare is one of the biggest industries in the world and the number of patients is huge.

There is a lot of investment needed in the medical industry to make it smart, where artificial intelligence and machine learning have already taken place but other technologies like computer vision still need attention from the doctors.

However, many hospitals have already started implementing the same but we still need to understand the potential of the computer vision in real-life.

Hospitals are facing hurdles by the healthcare industry with the increasing amount of data every year and estimation says that the healthcare data is tripling every year and it’s not possible to tackle by the human thoroughly at all.

Many patients still believe in the knowledge bank of the hospitals but it has now not possible to produce an accurate diagnosis data so we’ll have to belive on the computer diagnosis data that can efficiently do the same task with the doctors.

We can’t replace the computer with human efforts completely but it can be minimized after the implementation in the system that can complement the diagnostics which usually require a lot of time.

Hence, the computer can work as a helping tool of the human, not as a replacement. According to the study, with the help of the computer vision, we can save around $10 billion during the blood transfusions per year and it is a great amount for the hospitals.

2. Automotive:

Some of the reputed companies like Tesla has started implementing the computer vision and it has already been started with the Autopilot purpose.

The automaker has recently launched a driver-assistance system with the features like lane centering and self-parking.

But we still need to get the goal of obtaining the fully self-driving cars in the upcoming years.

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3. Financial Services:

Due to the non-disruptive nature of the computer vision, there are various insurance companies and banks have already started using it.

For new customers, A Spanish banking group called BBVA incorporated this technology for the signing up regarding their services. Here, the new customers can easily the bank account within a few minutes just after uploading their identity card and selfie.

Hence, the computer utilizes computer vision technology to verify the identity of the customer. Another bank in Germany called Number26, also implements the same technology for its online services.

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4. Retail:

Splash of the computer vision has also been seen in the retail sector. With the assistance of the computer vision, deep learning and sensors, customers can purchase through Amazon Go Store and there are not any cashier in the store and they will be liable to direct debit for their purchases through their Amazon account.

After the testing, it has also been found that it’s not an impressive step towards the implementation of the computer vision technology in the stores, where some items were not listed after being purchased but nevertheless research is still on to make it perfect for the customers as well as for the stores.

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Computer vision is kept in the growing industries list that has been implemented across various aspects of the business.

Some of the e-commerce companies have also started using the computer vision to make the purchasing feature better and smoother for the customers.

With the assistance of the computer vision, the shopping experience can also be made more personalized than ever have had.

Technology giant Apple has also revealed the facial recognition feature for the upcoming smartphones of the company with the help of some major companies like RealFace, PrimeSense, and Faceshift.

Most of the companies are understanding the value of the computer vision and investing more and more money in the specific segment.

Hence, it’s not an exaggeration to say that major companies are pouring great money into computer vision development.

The value of the computer vision is increasing day by day due to the potential gains.


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I hope you may now get better understanding about ‘What is Computer vision’, let us know your views on its applications in the comment section below.

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