What is Cyber terrorism? How can we stop it?

Cyber terrorism

What is Cyber terrorism?

In the cyber terrorism, computer, public internet, and networks will be used for the damage intentionally for the accomplishing the personal objectives in a negative manner.

Sometimes, cyber terrorism is also implemented for the political and ideological benefits of some organizations or governments.

With the use of internet-based attacks for the terrorists’ pursuits along with the acts of deliberation, the disruption of the computer network will be in a large scale and most of the time it has been found most for the personal computers which are connected to the internet.

The most common source of computer disruption has been seen the viruses.

With the increasing usage of the internet, the cyber threat is also expanding that has become one of the major issues for internet users. The expansion of the cyber threat has been increased drastically in the past few years. With the series of high-profile attacks are a major cause of damaging someone and its reputation as well.

It has also been experienced that the nuclear facilities with the critical management and control systems are not free from such attacks that have also grabbed major headlines.

Nuclear threats can also become a cause to steal the weapon and useful nuclear stockpiles that may become a cause to act of subversion literally.

Due to the sensitive weapons, the apprehension of the nuclear blackmail can be ignored. Hence, nuclear commands and control can’t be ignored at all.

Some nuclear countries are also working on ensuring the safety of nuclear weapons and material taking the necessary measures regarding the vulnerabilities. But the cyber security is not so easy with the increasing number of internet users in the internet era.

Every responsible authority will not be taking any such risks so they want to work together with the operators and regulators that can maintain the pace of increasing the safety of nuclear weapons in the world making them impenetrable from the cyber terrorists.

Some of the organizations are working with various global groups of experts in nuclear engineering to make the nuclear system more powerful and impenetrable.

Various governments are also taking assistance from the various regulators and technology developers that can work with the ambitious principles for the protection of the nuclear facilities from cyber attacks or threats.

With the help of convening policies and military advisory for measuring the possibilities of any further threats, we can take actions against the specific possibility of vulnerable things. Moreover, authorities should also strengthen the global capacity in response to a cyber attack on nuclear means.

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How can we stop Cyber Terrorism?

When you detect that the classified documents of your organization or government have been stolen, you start finding those files and start searching the aftermath effects after that mishap. But what about the document that has been stolen from the database of the computer from your organization connected to the internet, it’s gonna affecting greatly and that juncture you start realizing the about the cyber-terrorism.

However, there are no universal safeguards available that can protect the sensitive data of the organization and there is not any 100% all-time safe tactic to protect your computer all round the clock so you should take some necessary measures that could protect from the cyber-terrorism drastically.

As cyber-terrorism can threat or damage an institution or organization or government by stealing some sensitive data and this threat can also come from other government to know the policy of their rival countries with the collusion of some other anti-established organization.

Reducing the threat of cyber terrorism is not an easier task but it should be reduced due to the sensitivity of these weapons and materials all round the clock. After taking some necessary steps, we can ensure the safety of nuclear bodies and weaponry.

We have the need to work more to understand and evaluate the perils linked with the cyber terrorism along with the vulnerabilities and threats that can maintain their safety.

Some computer experts have also exposed the vulnerabilities in the cyberspace but still, a paucity on the research on cyber terrorism remains that we have to overcome in the future.

The definition of the cyber-terrorism should also understand by the scientist to create a robust security model for the security of the weaponry and materials associated with it.

However, there is no specific hard and fast rule for cyber-terrorism prevention but after the implementation of basic steps, it can be prevented drastically and thus your data can remain safe:

Organizations should pay attention to the installation of the security systems along with the hardware and software protection.

They should always install the detection systems that can detect any threat of intrusion and can also respond quickly to such occurrences.

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) also suggest these steps to government or institute or organization that the patching of all programs during the supply of security updates by vendors and thus they keep them up-to-date with the necessary security update of the device or system.

The organization should have a robust security policy and also train employees to safeguard against any unusual things such as opening the email attachments and also don’t respond to messages that have been got from the unknown sources.

Regular checking of the security system will always mandatory whether the institution is taking the necessary measures. It’ll have to follow news and reports that come from time to time regarding the security threats.

The institute should also regularly updated with the new worm or other malware being circulated and also focus on that area that doesn’t come under.

The organization should also implement filters to screen out dubious matter or messages got from other unknown sources from different countries or from your neighbors intensifying the cyber-terrorism.

You should monitor the security system on a daily basis and apply the security services regularly to attack your network.

Besides, always make sure that the deficiencies have been reported to the responsible authorities and necessary steps have been started to enhance the security of the system greatly.

Organizations should always use the secure encryption for any such messages whether internal or external and thus install a password system for the frequent changes and passwords should have thought to understand for the cyber-terror and it should be a combination of the number, letter, and other characters.

Institute also ensure that the password has not been kept on the computer and also start the process of changing the system or network during any findings of the vulnerabilities.

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With the information technology used to organize and execute attacks against networks, telecommunication base, and computer systems, the secret data can hack for the security purpose intentionally.

The most probable reasons for the cyber terrorism are due to the website defacing, introduction of viruses, attacks through DOS, through electronic communication.

There may be other reason possible in the expanded era of the internet so we don’t have to go backward anytime from taking the necessary steps regarding the security policies of the sensitive weapons of the country that may cause huge threat or descriptions as well at the same time.


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