Top 5 IoT Innovations in India To Make Smart Cities a Reality

Smart cities

India has been on the cusp of digital progress for around half a decade now. The advent of the smart cities mission has also become a popular topic for the development pundits today. Smart cities are important to the government to with development being their topmost priority. They are also important to the citizens to advance their lifestyle and arrive at an age that demands more productivity and efficiency. The Internet-of-Things has emerged as one of the most promising digital technologies that bring systems closer to help them work harmoniously. IoT in India is on the rise with various large and small firms investing in it today. Digital India using IoT is very much a necessity to make the smart cities dream come true.

Here are 5 solutions that IoT in India can use to transform its cities and lifestyle.

  1. Traffic management solutions

IoT has a significant application when it comes to curbing the growing menace of traffic in Indian cities. IoT technology can help traffic signals intelligently change by detecting traffic volumes. IoT sensors around parking places can help cars be better parked. It is also possible to install these sensors in illegal parking places that can trigger an alarm if a vehicle is found to be there beyond a specified time limit. It is also possible to help the visibility in high fog by the help of sensors that can detect the vehicles around and suitably warn the driver. IoT in India has a lot of promise when it comes to traffic management.

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     2. Public safety and security solutions

Urban sprawls will always be threatened with criminal and anti-social activities. IoT can come to the rescue and help the community be safer and more secure. Home alarm systems can scan the faces of the individual and send alert SMS warnings to the home-owners. Authorized vehicles can be tagged with NFC tags that will automatically cause the building gates to open for them. Digital India using IoT must use this solution to attract more dwellers in the smart cities.


     3. Connected home and lifestyle solutions

The sci-fi scenes from the yesteryear have shown an intelligent fridge that knows when the food goes bad and the AC that automatically switches on finding that the room is occupied. IoT in India is making these scenarios come to life and helping build homes where the lifestyle is more efficient, and system driven. This leaves the family more time to focus on office and family time and worry less about the routine stuff.

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     4. Garbage management solutions

India badly needs better garbage management in order to truly scale to new heights. IoT in India comes to the rescue again by having intelligent, connected garbage machines. These machines can automatically detect dry and wet waste, repack themselves to ensure better compaction and even alert the nearby waste collector when the bin is full. The garbage management aspect can go even further and suggest ways to anyone throwing garbage, to considering recycling or reusing the thrown object in future.

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     5. Energy savings solutions

Smart cities need to consume an optimal amount of energy in order to be truly scalable and duplicable. IoT solutions have already demonstrated their efficacy in saving electricity when it comes to shutting off devices that are no longer in use. The smart savings mode is already a feature of many devices. IoT will help these devices run those features by staying connected to each other. The smart cities concept has a lot to gain from the energy savings possible by the use of IoT.

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By using these ideas and solutions, digital India using IoT can truly grow and help the smart cities dream to start coming to fruition.