Internet of Things Healthcare: A Leading Factor in Healthcare Innovation

internet of things healthcare

Internet of things healthcare innovation : Internet of things in healthcare applications

Internet has been playing an important role in the world of INNOVATIONS. Use of internet was started a long ago, but nowadays this has been a most basic need to human beings. Earlier FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER were man’s basic needs, but these needs are fulfilled by INTERNET

internet of things healthcare

Nowadays INTERNET is very helpful to everyone from child to old ones and has become the basic need of human being. This INTERNET has benefited a lot in HOSPITALS & HEALTHCARE SECTOR with IoT. Internet use is not new, but is gaining more attention & traction nowadays.


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Doctor analysing patients report : internet of things healthcareInternet connected devices have been introduced to patients in various forms like electrocardiograms, temperature monitors or blood glucose levels, tracking health information is vital for some patients. Many of these measures require follow-up with healthcare professionals & this gives opening for smart devices to deliver more valuable     data lessening the need for direct patient-physician interaction.

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Now healthcare innovation is prime factor in hospitals and health sector industries.

Healthcare is investing more in IoT to espouse innovation & advancement in their processes. This is because, with an intelligent system, they can achieve an unparalled, real-time, life-critical data to which can be further utilized in the best possible manner. These days’ smart medical devices have been introduced at a large scale like fitness bands, smart watches which give you step count, calorie count & much more which help you to track health parameters and maintain healthy living.

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Various hospitals, ER Services, physicians are already using smart healthcare solutions to attain accuracy in results, for better prediction & proactive treatment plans. Some of the hospitals have started implementing “SMART BEDS” which can detect when they are occupied & when a patient is attempting to get up. It can also adjust itself to ensure appropriate pressure & support applied to the patient without the manual interaction of the care team or without any indications to be alerted to the care team. Reda Chouffani, Vice President of Development with Biz Technology Solutions Inc., which provides software design, development services for healthcare industry.

In Foreign countries, public healthcare services have been working on adoption of new technologies in the healthcare sector. One of these services in UNITED KINGDOM have announced an innovation in the past year. NHS Chief Executive Simon Steve announced the First wave of seven “TEST BEDS” at World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Friday 22 Jan 2016. National Healthcare Services (NHS) is a public health services of England, Scotland and Wales. It was begun on “Appointed Day” of July 1948. They were established together as one of the major social reforms following the Second World War on founding principles of being comprehensive, universal and free at the point of delivery.

internet of things healthcare : Connected-medical-devices

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TEST BEDS are the sites which will evaluate the real-world impact of new technologies offering both

iot healthcare solutions : Health-monitoringbetter care & better value to the people. Frontline Healthcare & Care workers in seven areaswill pioneer and evaluate the use of novel combinations of interconnected devices such as Wearable Monitors, Data Analysis & Ways of working which will help patients stay well and monitor their conditions themselves at  home.


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There are two IoT based TEST BEDS. Diabetes Digital Coach & Technology Integrated Health Management (TIHM). This new service model delivery model will provide combination of wearable devices linked with mobile or other digital technology.


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Here is the overview of how IoT is being the helping hand in Healthcare innovation & Hospitals Sector with new technologies.

                     STAY HEALTHY STAY STRONG 


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