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What is Industrial Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is known as one of the most popular technologies categories which is also deemed as the futuristic technology. Industrial Augmented Reality applications.

It’s also important to know that this is not the latest technology but has been operating for many years. But with the advancement in technology, it has also ben become advanced.

In the 1990s, augmented reality has been drastically implemented in the aircraft for knowing the altitude, speed, and direction.

Similarly, it helped the forces in finding their target exactly. There are various devices enabled with the augmented reality made in the past decades.

For the software development area, AR has been a buzz word for many years. But after releasing products like Google Glass, people have also paid attention to the augmented reality.

AR technology is completely based on computer vision-based algorithms to increase the sound along with the graphics as well as videos.

Moreover, some sensors based inputs on real-world articles implementing the camera of the specific device will be an additional mean of augmented reality.

Hence, it’s known as one of the best ways to provide real-world data rendering in a way so that it can establish a mutual interaction. So it can be said that the virtual elements become an element of the real world.

So if you want to superimpose the data in a particular domain of view, augmented reality can fulfill the same task. Here, you can take yourself to the real and virtual worlds which are linked greatly.

However, the limit of the augmented reality is not up to desktop or mobile devices. For Example; Google Glass is a wearable computer-enabled with an optical head-mounted display.

A common AR object can capture the image of the real world while the underlying system can identify a tag.

Due to the wider adoption of augmented reality, its apps are also gaining a lot of news in the market.

If we mix the augmented reality to the virtual reality, the application becomes limited and it drastically performed by most of the businesses.

With the sum of both virtual reality and augmented reality, we also satisfy the rift between the physical as well as the digital world simultaneously.


Augmented reality Industrial Applications

What are the applications of the Industrial Augmented Reality?

Application of augmented reality is not confined under a certain limit but as per the advancement in the technology, the implementation of the IAR is increasing drastically for various purposes.

Here, we’re going to tell you the best applications of the industrial augmented reality:

1. Healthcare & Medical:

Healthcare and medical industry are one of the most expanding sectors and with the increasing population, it has also been extended to a new height.

Due to the expansion of the patients’ range, To manage critical surgical operations in sensitive organs like the heart & brain is not an easier task at all so virtual reality and augmented reality are being implemented by the surgeons to manage these operations effectively giving new lives to patients.

2. Military:

Going into the mainstream of any country, the military is one of the major components in making any country’s strength more robust.

United States Air Force has been using the fully functional augmented reality system specifically in some selected models of the aircraft.

Hence, Louis Rosenberg is the name comes behind artificial intelligence as well as augmented reality.

3. Manufacturing:

Manufacturing is one of the top sectors where it has been implemented for the sake of the people’s convenience. Some of the major companies have also started adopting the IAR and Boeing is called as one of the foremost adopters of augmented reality in their mainstream production line.

Recently some automobile companies have also launched the beta version of the industrial augmented reality for smoother operations.

4. Tourism:

Tourism has a vast expansion throughout the world and we want to know everything surrounding us. But with the bare eyes, it doesn’t become possible to explore all objects.

Hence, we can take the help of some famous augmented reality apps such as World Lens and Yelp Monocle which can significantly provide us relevant learning.

5. Education:

Education is an important tool for the development of any country or region but making it smarter is our responsibility. As per the evolvement of the technologies, we should adopt technology like the internet of things, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

A great picture is sufficient to depict 1000 words explanation of anything so making education smarter with the implementation of augmented reality will produce a learning experience to the students.


What are the Challenges in the Applications of Augmented Reality in industries?

Making the AR-enabled industry is not an easier task and switching from the old-school manual technologies to complete the augmented reality-based ecosystem.

However, the production of the industry drastically matters where IoT sensors will make more efficient usage of augmented reality in industries and it would be customizable at the same time as well.

Hence, assembly line work would not feel bored about their job and it would also be helping in producing a large number of products in the manufacturing industry.

So it will also not let you down regarding the trouble in the supply chain process of the companies. With the availability of the IoT sensor, you can also make your task productive, industry-specific as well as interesting.

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Making the system smart with the evolution of various technology has become almost mandatory to all of us. Augmented reality is the part of those tools which are drastically important to manage various industries for efficient and smoother operations.

Most of the people will become aware of the applications like Snapchat and Pokemon Go which are not the application just but these are AR capable tool. With the vast expansion of the industrial augmented reality,m the production line has become more competitive than ever.

Hene, the application of the industrial augmented reality will be full of opportunities for all the companies.


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